Optronic merge next step in development

Article posted 04 Nov 2015

Optronic has made an organizational change regarding the company structure, merging the two companies Development and Manufacturing in to one. The merged company will continue to focus on Optronic’s core business alongside sister companies Fotonic, dedicated to 3D time-of-flight cameras and Farmic, a company focused on agricultural sensor-based applications.

“It’s the next step in our development,” says CEO Peter Fredriksson. “With this change, we feel we will be even better at providing the solutions our customers need to take their applications to the next level.
“Now, it will be even more natural and easy for us to build dedicated teams that are tailored for our customers. It’s also the right time to make this move, as we continue to build our knowledge in new technologies.”

Optronic’s investments in new tech for the fiscal year 2014-2015 was SEK 7.8 million, mainly in time-of-flight.
“It has great potential for strong future growth,” says Fredriksson. “It’s cost effective and reliable. Almost every day, new markets in many diverse fields are discovering how they can benefit from the technology.”
Looking forward, Fredriksson aims to continue on what has been a foundation for Optronic over the years.

“The key to Optronics success over time has been our long-term approach and ability to allocate the recourses needed to develop state-of-the-art knowledge and offers related to our core business; the development and manufacturing of custom made optical sensors,” he states.