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As supplier of components, Optronic contributes to the success of Guideline Geo on the international market. “Optronic’s technical knowledge and delivery accuracy is something we greatly value”, says Jonny Falk, Production Manager at Guideline Geo, a global leader in geophysics and geotechnology.

Optronic and Guideline Geo has established a long-term partnership that has lasted for several decades. Optronic serves as the main supplier of printed circuit boards to Guideline Geo’s wide range of ground radar equipment for aerials, monitors and control units.

”Working with Guideline Geo is very exciting as the company is at the forefront of technological development as well as market leader within its niche in geophysics and geotechnology”, says Robert Jonsson, sales manager at Optronic.

Guideline Geos operates globally with sales worldwide.

“Ninety-five percent of our equipment is exported from Sweden to different parts of the world to work in completely different climate zones and a variety of environments. This places extremely high demands on our products, which are used in everything from minus 20 degrees to plus 50 degrees Centigrade. Optronic delivers the robust and well-developed technology that our ground radar equipment requires”, Falk explains.

To Guideline Geo, the certainty of delivery that Optronic offers is also of great importance. “Optronic keeps its promises, so we can always rely on them. Their internal expertise is also valuable to us with regards to technological issues”, Falk adds.

Guideline Geo’s products are involved in several high-profile international projects. A prominent example is Stonehenge, the spectacular and circular edifice that was built thousands of years ago in southwest England.

”It is exciting that our equipment, used in the archaeological project at Stonehenge, helps to create a greater understanding of what our world used to look like, and how people used to live”, Falk concludes.

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