Optronic in large-scale production of drug-detectors

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A South East Asian breakthrough order for Serstech’s Indicator 100 has led to extensive production of the Raman spectroscopy based instruments for Optronic, who has also participated in design and development. End users of the device include different types of emergency services and correctional facilities.

“We contacted Optronic in search of a partner for production, but they have become an important partner for development as well,” says Mikael Wanland, CEO of Serstech, who estimates an order value of SEK 67 million. “As we see it, Optronic helps us become a commercial and industrialized company, rather than a development company.”

The Indicator 100 is a hand-held spectrometer device consisting of around 600 different parts.

“It’s a complex instrument which requires a lot of precision work and very tight tolerances in settings,” says Wanland. “Some calibration steps Optronic make in production are smaller than the growth of human hair in one hour.”

The instrument can be used to identify substances such as explosives, illegal drugs and dangerous chemicals.

“Serstechs application is a great example of how optical sensors can make work easier for police, customs officials, ambulance personnel and many others,” says Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO of Optronic. “It’s safe, quick and reliable.”

Combined with a cloud solution, the spectrometer will provide quick information, as test results are matched with a database holding thousands of different chemicals’ unique “molecular fingerprints”.

“Our users aren’t experts in chemistry, but will be in contact with chemical substances,” says Wanland. “With this instrument, we have taken the lab into the field, rather than the other way around.”

The instrument also has an integrated programme guide, which provides information about the substances’ properties and how they should be handled in a safe manner.

Serstech combines cutting-edge nanotechnology and spectroscopy techniques with advanced algorithm know-how to bring convenient chemical identification to customers around the world. The company is based in Lund, Sweden.

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