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SIVPRO, an acronym for Shape Inspection by Vision in Production, is an exciting project run by the department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology. The project, which could advance the knowledge base and technological know-how in automation of quality control, will be evaluated at Volvo Cars facilities in Olofström, Sweden.

Optronic takes part in the project as a member of the scientific committee, contributing with their expertise in using and developing optical 3D sensors for automation in industry.

”We have previously been involved in the OPTIPRO and HOLOPRO projects and SIVPRO is partly based on the knowledge gathered from these projects.” says Emil Hällstig, Senior Optical Designer and Research Coordinator at Optronic, mentioning an specially interesting algorithm, developed during these projects, which rapidly aligns and compares 3D point clouds with CAD-models (link to video below).

A key activity in the Vinnova-funded project is to install and evaluate a system that automatically inspects the shape of a statistically relevant number of products at an assembly-line at the Volvo Cars facility.

If everything works as planned, the system will be able to evaluate isolated items, randomly located, and orientate on a conveyor belt moving up to a speed of one meter per second, and without disturbing the existing installation.

”The main purpose is to investigate and optimize how the different technologies interact with the focus on creating a complete working system in a real factory”, says Hällstig. ”Now it’s all about proving that it works, and we’ll follow the SIVPRO project with great interest. Our ambition is to use some of results from the project in the products that we develop and produce for our customers.”

The project will run for two years, ending in 2016.

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