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Optical Metrology has been formed as a parent company for sister companies Farmic, Fotonic and Optronic. Peter Fredriksson will become the CEO of the company group, while Ulrik Stenbacka, formerly the sales- and marketing manager, takes over as CEO of Optronic.

”We have seen leaps in technology that has improved the ways businesses operate, how people work and also how we live our lives,” said Peter Fredriksson in a statement. ”A vital part in many of these technological breakthroughs has been optics and optoelectronics. There is no doubt in our minds that the demand for safe, exact and lossless measurements and transfers of information, while being highly energy effective, will continue to grow.”

Each company will continue to operate autonomously and develop their respective business model.

Farmic started in 2013 and is a successful and exciting start-up, and a great example of how a specific challenge related to agriculture can be resolved with 3D cameras and applications specific software, or 3D sensors as we call them.

Fotonic launched its first 3D camera in 2011 targeting industrial applications. Today Fotonic offers a wide range of 3D cameras and development services of customer specific applications software. This product portfolio appeals to a wide range of markets, where agriculture and logistics are two that are expanding.

Optronic has since 1987 exclusively offered services of development and production of optical sensors for customers who has their own capacity or products in optics, where Optronic’s core competencies has formed an often essential complement.

”This is a new beginning for all of us and it’s a significant step forward for us at Optronic as a company,” said Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO of Optronic. ”With the support from our parent company and drawing from the expertise at our sister companies, we can continue to improve on the very thing we do best:, developing and manufacturing optical sensors for industry.”

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