Siemens signs a three-year contract with Optronic

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Optronic has been a reliable supplier to Siemens since 2008. Now they have agreed on a new three-year contract for continuous mass production of optoelectronic boards used in laser application – we consider Optronic as a long term partner which has maintained high quality in accordance with our requirements, says Sebastien Steinmetz, Head of Procurement at Siemens in Haguenau, France.

The cooperation with what was then called Siemens Laser Analytics in Gothenburg began 13 years ago, when Optronic was hired to develop the complete optics solution for Siemens’ new gas analyser. When the product responsibility was moved from Gothenburg to France and their large facility in Haguenau, which employs 800 staff, cooperation continued.

The optoelectronic boards that Optronic makes are used in the gas analyser and are equipped with transmitters and receivers.

– It is an honour that a world-leading company such as Siemens continues to choose us when it comes to optronics products. The fact that we keep meeting their high requirements is also proof of the high standard that our production processes maintain, says Robert Jonsson, Key Account Manager at Optronic.

Siemens’ large organisation is dependent on all links in the production working smoothly and Optronic has been a reliable supplier through the years.

– Delivery dependability and precision are very important in our processes and something we require from our suppliers. We must be able to maintain continuous delivery dependability and quality for our customers. Optronic has gained greater flexibility within our parameters for buying the components of the optoelectronic boards and we can rely on getting the productivity and cost development we expect from them, says Sebastien.

“The best product you can find.”

Siemens sitrans

SITRANS SL is designed for measuring oxygen (O2) with high sensitivity.

The gas analyser carries the name Sitrans SL and uses laser to measure oxygen with a high level of precision. It has an extremely robust design and consists of a pair of cross-duct sensors, a transmitter unit and a detector unit.

The high-quality laser allows for spectroscopy without interference. Another strength is the built-in cell for reference gas which provides unique user advantages when it comes to minimum maintenance and calibration.

Sitrans SL can be installed directly where you want to carry out the measuring. The analyser is used in, for example, steel production for monitoring the oxygen supply in the combustion and also to monitor safety in explosive environments where you must keep below specific threshold values.

– It is the best product you can find in this field. It maintains high quality and reliability and measures with a high level of accuracy in a short time. When you manufacture this type of device, you need high quality requirements and solid processes for selecting the right supplier, says Ludovic Jung, Production Manager at Siemens.

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