Board of Directors and Management

Otronic’s Board of Directors consists of representatives from the owner Dacke Industri, a company whose business concept is to invest in technology companies focussing on the development and manufacture of customer-specific components and high performance systems.

Ulrik Stenbacka

Managing Director, Head of Development

Andy Lewis

Board Member

Mariana Stööph

Board Member

Tomi Ojala

Board Member

Management team

Our management team consists of the following people:

Ulrik Stenbacka

President, Head of Development

Mikael Westergren

Sales and Marketing Manager

Joacim Lindström

CFO and Quality Manager, Vice President

Samuel Westermark

Production Manager electronics

Ulla Burman

Site Manager Skellefteå

Nicklas Gustafsson

Purchasing Manager and Production Manager Optronic assembly