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Our views on sustainability

At Optronic, a holistic approach to sustainability guides every decision we make, whether it pertains to our own work environment, our interactions with customers, or our role within the broader society.

Through our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and (ongoing) ISO 13485 certifications we ensure a continuous commitment to improving aspects such as quality, environmental impact, risk management, and efficiency. These certifications establish a solid foundation for our sustainability efforts, setting high minimum standards, and driving us to raise our standards year after year.

“We understand that every decision and every action matters – it keeps us on our toes. At the same time, we are grounded enough not to let our ambitions get away from us. We are currently paving the way and constructing a stable foundation, ensuring that our journey can lead to real and lasting change. We know we can make a difference, and we are determined in doing our part.”

– Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO

Environmental goals for 2023

Illustration som visar energieffektivitet och cirkuläritet
Energy efficiency and use of resources
Our primary focus is on operational enhancements, investments, and facility upgrades aimed to increase our energy efficiency. We continuously monitor and analyze our energy consumption, prioritizing improvements in areas with the greatest potential for efficiency gains.
Illustration som visar hållbarhet kopplat till kunder och leverantörer

Customers and suppliers
We are committed to assisting our customers in developing more environmentally conscious products. We do this by selecting partners who share our values and sustainability goals, followed by thorough sustainability assessments of our major suppliers. This approach allows us to make well-informed purchasing decisions and minimize the environmental impact across our supplier network.

Illustration som visar växthusgaser - CO2

Greenhouse gas emissions
In addition to ensuring environmentally sound management in all our facilities, we pay particular attention to our procurement and logistics processes. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we closely monitor carbon dioxide emissions from both our own travel and that of our main forwarders.

Agenda 2030

We are humbled by the profound challenges and opportunities presented by Agenda 2030 After reviewing The Sustainable Development Goals, we have identified Goal 9 – Industry, innovation, and infrastructure, as well as Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production, as particularly critical to our business. Given our involvement in technology, development, innovation, and waste management, these goals have far-reaching implications for both our internal operations and our supply chains.