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Services for the entire lifecycle

Our offer is designed for industrial companies that own products in which optics or electronics are a critical component. We help both those who wish to realise series production and those who wish to optimise the performance, quality and cost of existing products.

The customers we work with include industry leaders in a wide range of industrial branches, ranging from automation and security to logistics and agriculture. We know what it takes to meet and surpass the highest quality requirements.

What we offer

We have summarised what we offer in four parts: optical expertise, industrialisation, prototype manufacture and series production.

How we develop your competitiveness

We help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by focusing on one or more of the following aspects:


A core value of many successful companies is never to compromise on quality. The same applies to us. Metrology and optical sensors are often used in quality assurance, which means they have a key role for the entire company's long-term success. We ensure high standards in every step of every process.

Strategic purchasing

Based on our customers' purchasing strategy, we investigate a range of alternatives and forms of cooperation, so as to ensure short lead times and high delivery precision.

Lower costs

Efficient production set-ups, competitive logistics at suppliers and quality assured suppliers, leading to high cost effectiveness, are a natural part of our industrialisation process.


The time it takes for a product to reach the market often plays a crucial role. In today's fast-moving markets, the first to deliver a competitive product has a great advantage. Our experience and technical know-how make us a safe choice for customers who need fast processes aimed at series production.