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Our facility and the Skellefteå region

Optronic’s production unit is located just outside central Skellefteå and has about sixty employees. The premises cover more than 3000 square meters, adapted for advanced manufacturing in optics and electronics.

The Skellefteå region has a rare opportunity for business development and innovation. Site-bound assets such as forest raw materials, rich ore fields and a power-producing river have formed the basis of a sector that has developed an impressive breadth of industry over the years.

Among other things, Skellefteå has become strongly associated with technological innovation, IT and industrial manufacturing where enterprising and creative entrepreneurs have solved old problems in new ways and developed markets within their various segments. Today there is a modern industrial tradition with the manufacture of everything from small components to large complete high-tech products and systems.


By being a leading supplier in the field of optical sensors and optoelectronic technology, Optronic is involved in driving development forward.

“It’s hard not to be impressed by the high-tech know-how that Optronic has at its disposal and continues to develop all the time” says Bengt Ivansson, Head of Commerce at Skellefteå Municipality.

Skellefteå has about 6,500 active companies, many of which operate in an international market. It is also a greenhouse for the industry of the future, not least thanks to an increased focus on sustainability, where the availability of renewable energy from mainly hydro-electric power is an important factor.