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Since Optronic was founded, the company has helped more than 500 customers with over 1,000 different optical metrology projects. Many of these projects have resulted in finished products that have reached the market. These are impressive figures that speak a clear language.
“This is a fine testament to our focus, which is development, with a view to industrialisation, and to manufacture products in a manner that works over time. Both when it comes to cost and quality,” says Mikael Westergren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic.

Optronics’ products and customers are found within a wide range of industries and sectors, including transport and logistics, security, food and food products, forestry and timber, as well as MedTech and agricultural.

“Our offer is industry-independent but focused on technology. By constantly developing our specialist knowledge within optronics and photonics, we have also been able to establish long-term cooperative relationships with product owners in a number of industries,” explains Mikael.

Over the years, Optronic has helped customers to realise opportunities resulting from the technology shift.

“Development has gone tremendously fast, and this technological shift involves substantial challenges when it comes to competitiveness. As product owners it is difficult to build up the competence required to handle all parts of the process in-house, and our job as a co-operative partner is to supply the specialist knowledge that enables a product to be developed and manufactured in an effective way.

Mikael believe that for Optronics, an exciting period of growth awaits,

“We see an increased demand for the functionalities that Optronic has highly intelligent solutions for. This is why we believe that even more industries will open their eyes to the potential we offer.”

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