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Industrialisation and prototypes

Taking a product from the development stage right through to series production requires a high level of technical competence, attention to detail and a long-term perspective. We ensure the right functionality based on examination of basic data, tolerances and the components’ product-critical functions.

We offer rapid and flexible development of prototypes and run industrialisation processes with a view to series production. The perspectives that govern our work process can be summarised as follows:

Material procurement and logistical structure

With our extensive supplier network, we can ensure the right choice of contractor and establish agreements with suppliers. We always ensure the ability of suppliers to deliver the desired quality in product-critical areas. Prior to manufacture, all data is also reviewed from the perspective of manufacturability.

Good manufacturability

We create production set-ups and flows and evaluate the product’s manufacturability in the early phases of development. We also develop methods for the traceability of key components and the right fixtures, test equipment and calibration methods for production.

Verification and validation

We build prototypes to verify products and pilot series that can be used in the validation of the market.


Prototypes are used to examine how well a product matches the intended specifications. This is often critical for the entire development project. In this phase, a rapid process is therefore particularly important because delays often involve costs, mainly indirectly through loss of income.

We always evaluate the conditions for long-term and efficient production. For this reason, we always report back on any shortcomings and areas for improvement. What is especially important is to have a clear and effective route to the finished prototype, since this safeguards the schedule and lead time of the development project. We ensure efficient prototype manufacture by means of processes that are characterised by high availability, flexibility and close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.