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Shaping the future of non-contact measurement technology

Client: LIMAB


Since 2005, LIMAB has dominated the market for gypsum board manufacturers with the help of FalconEye, a surface inspection system that detects defects in production thanks to its non-contact in-process measurement technology.

LIMAB, a world leader in laser sensors and measurement systems for dimensional and defect measurements, has initiated a strategic partnership with Optronic to develop and manufacture the next generation of the FalconEye product. The collaboration is a fitting match of expertise, with LIMAB handling the mechanical aspect and design of operator interfaces while Optronic contributes with extensive knowledge in camera technology, image analysis, and lighting. In the project, Optronic plays an integral role throughout the product lifecycle, from early development to system delivery.

“We face high demands from our end customers regarding non-contact inspection. Thus, it’s imperative to find partners who understand our business and can contribute in developing it even further.”

– Lars Granlund, CEO LIMAB.

The scanner that detects cancer indications

Client: Lumito

Medical science

Lumito’s WSI scanner (Whole Slide Imaging Scanner) will allow pathologists to take high-contrast digital images of tissues, where unimportant background information is sorted out. The technology will significantly improve the analysis of tissue samples, making the work of finding, for instance, cancer indications or inflammatory diseases more efficient and precise.

Lumito has signed a partnership agreement with Optronic that covers final design, industrialization and production of the optical analysis instruments. Another important part of the partnership with Optronic is to ensure the quality of the scanner’s supply chain, to create reliability in deliveries and to find the right cost levels.

“Optronic is a valuable partner strategically and I look forward to our work together to complete the final design and production start-up of Lumito’s scanner. Through the agreement with Optronic, we have taken an important step towards the planned product launch.”

– Mattias Lundin, CEO Lumito.

Raman spectrometer finds narcotics

Client: Serstech

Security & Policing

Serstech Arx is a handheld, military and IP67 classed analysis instrument that utilises RAMAN spectroscopy to detect substances such as narcotics, explosives and chemical warfare agents.

Optronic has supported Serstech with key competencies in development and ensured a smooth transition from prototype to finished product and then later to mass production. The instrument contains many optical components and mechanics with extreme tolerances. Optronic is responsible for production, calibration and final testing. The sales ready products are then delivered to the customer.

“Optronic is highly skilled at producing high precision optics. The wavelengths and the optic construction we use require extreme accuracy. The fact that Optronic is located in Sweden, and the product is fully developed and manufactured here, lends a competitive advantage as many appreciate the quality control stamp.”

– Stefan Sandor, CEO at Serstech.

NIR spectroscopy secures process and quality of our food

Client: PerkinElmer

Food and agriculture

DA 7350 is a high-tech, ATEX classed instrument, which uses near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for real-time measurement and process regulation in, among others, flour milling, dairies and pasta factories.

Optronic has been a long-standing development and production partner to PerkinElmer and the stakeholders have enjoyed a close cross-functional collaboration throughout the entire industrialisation process, to guarantee quality, choose the right suppliers, set the target price and provide undisturbed production. The end result was so outstanding that PerkinElmer has allowed Optronic to be responsible for final testing and access control, then delivering the instrument directly to PerkinElmer end customers.

“With their expertise in optomechanics and special mounts Optronic has made it possible to industrialise and manufacture products in larger volumes.”

– Magnus Lindgren, Product Manager at PerkinElmer.

HoloMonitor system takes
cancer research forward

Client: PHI AB

Medical science

Some of the world’s leading research labs working on curing common diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s use HoloMonitor from PHI. This is an instrument that allows analyses of cells in a controlled cell culture environment without exposing the cells to the uncontrolled air in a laboratory environment.

Optronic has been an industrialisation and assembly partner to PHI in Lund since their first instrument was introduced in 2011 and has also been involved and supported the development side of things in various projects. The parties have found a successful model and a collaboration that has grown over time.

“We are very happy to have a partner who has many contacts the world over and where collaboration just flows. It means a lot that we can feel confident that they find the solutions and make sure they get the right components. For us, it’s important we have a partner who can deliver according to the instrument’s high demands on precision.”

– Lisa Lindström, Product Manager at PHI AB.

Optical surveying with maximum precision

Client: Trimble

Industrial technology

Trimble is a world-leader in optical surveying. They manufacture and develop products used in more than 150 countries worldwide.

One of the many applications is high-precision surveying for different types of planning where surveyors set up a pole with an optical crown and measure towards the laser instrument placed on a tripod to obtain a reading. Optronic has helped with industrialisation and serial production within several product areas.

“We have great confidence in the feedback that Optronic provides and the drive that they have in our collaboration. They have stepped up in this process when we needed to develop our collaboration. Optronic has taken care of the challenges and issues that we have had and driven the project with good results. We have several years of collaboration and today’s team has adequate knowledge and not least a valuable network of contacts that I, as purchasing manager, value greatly,”

– Daniel Prhat, Purchasing Manager for Optics at Trimble.

Laser based navigation for automatic guided vehicles in tough environments

Client: Kollmorgen


Optronic has had a key role in developing Kollmorgen’s navigation sensors, which are used in automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Many of these are used in demanding environments where moisture and lighting conditions challenge the laser-based system. Production and final testing takes place at Optronics purpose-built premises and are then delivered to the customer’s main warehouse.

“Optics and laser navigation in damp conditions have been a major technical challenge for quite some time. Our new navigation sensor allows us to safeguard performance in our AGVs, in principle without considering the surrounding conditions and environment where they are put into operation.”

– Mattias Byström, Managing Director at Kollmorgen.

Optic traffic system results in a smart flow

Client: Kapsch

Transport and traffic

Kapsch TrafficCom supplies intelligent traffic systems for infrastructure projects around the world. One of the company’s products is automated road tolling systems.

They are partly comprised of optic systems where infrared cameras are an important component. One advantage with the infrared cameras is that the flashes used are not perceived by the human eye and do not disturb motorists. Optronic has played a role in developing and manufacturing IR cameras for the road tolling system used in major cities such as London and Johannesburg.

“The cameras are an important tool for registering vehicles in a smart way, e.g., for congestion charges or financing infrastructure projects.”

– Östen Skogefors, Purchasing and Logistics at Kapsch.