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Series production

We focus on the manufacture of products that use electronics or optical metrology. We focus especially on the production of small and medium-sized series for industrial customers. Our facilities include approximately 3,000 square metres of manufacturing equipment that is customised for the most demanding industrial segments. Industrial segments in which we have experience include automation, logistics, medical technology, security, transport solutions and the agricultural sector.


We have a wide range of experience and what we offer is not industry-specific. With a well thought-out structure for quality assurance and logistics, we have developed tools that ensure efficient production, create work environment benefits and avoid risks in the form of excessive stocks or quality non-conformance costs. We also help to ensure the effective phasing out of existing products.

We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and offer complete ESD protection for all critical areas and contact points.

Our production is also tailored to meet the requirements of the EU’s REACH Regulation and RoHS Directive.

Complex assembly and glueing

We set high demands for cleanliness in our premises, and this is monitored by continuous particle measurement. This is especially important with difficult glueing operations in which all surfaces must be cleaned to ensure effective curing.

To ensure a good work environment for glueing, we use special fume cabinets and glueing robots so that gassing, contamination of optics and other risks are minimised.


Many of the products we make are laser classified. Production and testing equipment is therefore rigged to ensure laser safety at the planning stage. This includes everything from simple work environment measures to control by camera in cases with a higher classification level.

Calibration and testing

All optical units are calibrated with respect to relevant parameters, most commonly heat, distance and wavelength. This ensures good function in even the most exposed environments.

We also perform long-term testing to guarantee the function of products over time.

All circuit boards manufactured are inspected via our AOI (automated optical inspection), which uses 3D technology and can even handle 01005 chip components that can be as small as 0.4 × 0.2 millimetres.

Thanks to the optical metrology that has been developed for inspection, minimal over-soldering and defects are also detected. The AOI can also analyse the location of the smallest components to determine if they are in the right place and of the right type.