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ArgusEye, an innovative biotech growth company specializing in the development of unique sensor systems for the pharmaceutical industry, has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Optronic.

Optronic and ArgusEye are currently in the process of transitioning their production from Linköping to Skellefteå. The first units are expected to roll out from Optronic’s facilities at the beginning of 2024.

“It feels great that we have connected so well,” states Mikael Westergren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic. “As a complete partner, we believe we can contribute to make ArgusEye even more competitive in such an interesting industry as the pharmaceutical sector. When it comes to the development, industrialization, and manufacturing of optical measurement technology, it is indeed the perfect match for both of us.”

ArgusEye is a spinoff from a research group at Linköping University, which has been researching sensor technology since 2008. The company was founded in 2017 when they recognized the commercial potential, and since then, the pharmaceutical industry has become their primary customer base.

They are currently developing sensor systems for the development and production of biopharmaceuticals, whereof one part is the hardware unit which is set to be manufactured in Skellefteå.

“We had discussions with other potential partners, but ultimately, it was the comprehensive solution offered by Optronic that made us choose them, combined with their extensive expertise in optics”, says Erik Martinsson, founder and CEO of ArgusEye.

ArgusEye finds themselves at the intersection of being a startup and a scale-up, embarking on an exciting growth phase that includes new facilities in Linköping. On the business front, ArgusEye is looking internationally due to significant demand among pharmaceutical companies seeking solutions primarily focused on process optimization. A crucial element lacking in pharmaceutical production is sensors capable of monitoring these processes, and this is where ArgusEye comes in.

Their patented solution has progressed from their research lab to a real production environment, where it has been tested with very positive outcomes.

“Some aspects are patented and subject to confidentiality, but they involve surface chemistry that helps detect the right molecules or proteins in a highly complex environment. We have developed a sensor system around this, enabling a more automated and continuous process, which can substantially reduce manufacturing costs. That is our long-term incentive,” Erik explains. “Hopefully, this will lead to more affordable medication, making better medicines accessible to more patients,” he adds.

“Our products are in high demand, and we have already sold 10 beta systems, as we call them, to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies,” Erik concludes.

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