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When Kollmorgen was seeking a development partner for the next generation of LS5-II, a sensor for robust and high-precision reflector navigation in challenging environments, their choice fell on Optronic.
“We were looking for a partner who could meet our quality requirements and take overall responsibility for both development and production,” says Johan Lindqvist, Product Manager at Kollmorgen.

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Johan Lindqvist, Product manager, Kollmorgen

The development work has been ongoing for two and a half years, and the product is now ready for serial production, which will take place at Optronic’s factory in Skellefteå. The project began as a development project based on Kollmorgen’s previous generation of navigation sensors for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions, which was also developed and manufactured by Optronic.
“The collaboration and communication have worked very well. There have been challenges in the project, both technical and COVID-related, but they have been handled in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner and in good spirits, which has been appreciated,” says Johan.

The LS5-II is used in driverless trucks that navigate using reflectors, often in large warehouse facilities. It can be used for robust reflector navigation with high precision, and with its rotating head the sensor handles challenges in particularly demanding environments exceptionally well. This is especially true in very dusty environments where little or no dust sticks to the sensor window.

“It is certainly an honor that Kollmorgen has turned to us once again to continue our longstanding collaboration. We manufactured the previous generation for many years, and when we got the opportunity to develop the new product, it felt completely right. This type of project fits our expertise, especially when the product is meant to operate in tough environments in combination with high demands on the components. When we have the chance to be involved throughout the entire phase, it also adds value for the customer,” says Mikael Westergren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic.

The future for this type of product looks promising, and Kollmorgen, who has been present in this industry for over 50 years, is a driving force for technology that has proven to be effective and applicable. This points to strong growth for AGV solutions with driving factors such as increased efficiency, economic benefits, and fewer accidents. Kollmorgen offers many different navigation methods, which means that it requires various types of sensors for localization and navigation in different environments. Many new, larger logistics centers are being built globally, creating a high demand for automation solutions.

Part of Optronic’s mission from Kollmorgen involves identifying and providing high-quality components for manufacturing.
“Our customers have high expectations for us to deliver future-proof products with a long lifecycle. This is certainly a challenge today, with significant turbulence in the component market and political uncertainties worldwide. It’s important for us that Optronic can assist with proactive efforts to ensure the availability of our products both in the short and long term. Early in the development process, Optronic was involved in making strategic component choices, and now, in the production phase, Optronic continuously monitors the situation in the component market,” says Johan.

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