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When Optronic opens up an office in Lund shortly, the ambition is to grow over time. During the first year, the goal is to recruit a site manager and two developers. Therefore, Optronic has now entered a more intensive phase in their recruitment efforts.

Markus Bylesjö, head of development and acting site manager

“The people who join us will have a great responsibility for the products they develop. They should enjoy facing and handling a wide range of challenges where a lot of cross-functional collaboration is needed,” says head of development Markus Bylesjö, who will also act as site manager until a more permanent solution is in place.

Markus has previously worked in Lund and has been employed by several multinational companies. He believes that there are significant differences in the way of working in larger organizations compared to Optronic, which has around 60 employees.

“In a large company, development work is often delimited with clear guidelines on the tasks to be carried out. At Optronic, the technical challenges of the developer have a greater scope of work, and we have a flat organizational structure where it is easier to influence the end result,” explains Markus. He continues:

”The goal of our development work is always to bring the product to series production or to find other benefits that improve performance or other qualities. Those who enjoy these types of challenges will also enjoy working with us,” says Markus.

The whole chain
An example is the close ties to production. Just like a company with thousands of employees, Optronic has the whole chain from development to production.

“We have development, design, the ability to build prototypes, and test at our facility in Skellefteå. We maintain a high level of technical expertise, while also benefiting from our close proximity. For example, we get immediate feedback from our production unit on what works and what needs improvement. This helps everyone working with development and is also beneficial to our customers.”

Increased demand
The background to Optronic’s investment in Lund is that the demand for optical measurement technology is increasing significantly across a range of industries. This includes, among others, medtech, where Optronic’s high level of production meets the quality requirements of the industry sector.

Another advantage of the establishment is that it brings Optronic closer to several existing customers. These include Serstech, where Optronic has been involved in the development and prototyping phases of the handheld instrument Serstech Arx, which is now in series production in Skellefteå. Thanks to Raman spectroscopy, it can identify substances such as narcotics, explosives, and chemical warfare agents. Its customers include police, emergency services, customs, and defense forces worldwide.

A range of customer collaborations
Another customer collaboration is with Phase Holographic Imaging, which provides instruments for non-invasive measurements at the cellular level, and Lumito, which uses its patented technology for improved tissue diagnostics. The company provides the healthcare and researchers with a powerful tool to meet the demands of rapid and secure tissue diagnostics in personalized healthcare.

“Medtech is growing, but we also have customers in many other fields. A few examples are instruments that use spectroscopy for quality control of grains, target measurement in surveying, and laser-based instruments needed for navigation of self-driving vehicles. It’s a broad technology area with many types of applications. At Optronic, we are not specialized towards a particular industry. Customers turn to us for our expertise in the development and manufacturing of optical measurement technology,” says Markus Bylesjö.

Mikael Westergren, sales and marketing manager, Markus Bylesjö, and Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO.

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