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Markus Bylesjö is the new Head of Development at Optronic, which is now looking for further reinforcements to its development department. The demand for technical measurement sensors based on optronics is increasing strongly in a wide range of industries.

“We are in an exciting phase and see a growing demand, not least in development”, says Markus, who joined Optronic almost a year ago in the role of senior product developer. Markus has gained extensive experience from leading international technology companies such as Sony and Axis. He believes that there are some similarities between Optronic and these international companies, but also significant differences:

“Just as with companies who have thousands of employees, we control the entire chain from development to production. We have development and design; we can build prototypes and test them at our facility in Skellefteå. We maintain a high level of technical expertise while having the benefits that proximity offers. For example, we get a direct feedback from production about what is working and what needs improvement. It creates smooth processes that are also beneficial to our customers.

Another big difference from large international companies is the flat organisation.
“That‘s been very tangible for me. A big company is often hierarchically controlled with silos between departments. Production may be located in another part of the world, making daily exchanges more difficult. Being part of such a company means many hours in planes in order to handle problems that here at Optronic, we can easily meet to deal with.

The reinforcements that Optronic is now seeking are present throughout the development chain.
“The long-term collaboration established with niche experts is one of our strengths. This allows us to acquire the right skills for specific challenges quickly. But we also need to switch up with more employees”.

The roles that Optronic wishes to strengthen are senior competencies in product development, project management and purchasing.
“They will make us an even better partner when it comes to the entire product lifecycle, from early development to phasing out and on to the next generation”, says Markus.

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