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Optronic continue to focus on the Finnish market. In September, they participated in the large subcontractor fair Alihankinta in Tampere, and in early December they will attend the Optics & Photonics Days in Turku.
”With our presence, we want to show that we are serious about our interest in Finland”, says Mikael Westergren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic.

Two years ago, Optronic turned its attention to Finland which, with its rapidly growing market within optical metrology, is a very exciting region. Staff was recruited on site and various sales activities were planned. Shortly afterwards, the pandemic struck in full force.
“Despite the challenges with the pandemic and travel restrictions, we have already managed to do significant business in Finland. We see this as clear proof that Optronic, with our offering in the development, industrialization, and manufacture of opto-electronic products, is spot-on for the Finnish market”, says Mikael.

Alihankinta, Finland’s equivalent of the Swedish trade fair Elmia, was held on 21–23 September this year and Optronic attended with a stand.
“Alihankinta is a very good meeting place for us to make new contacts and build networks. To finally be able to meet customers physically is incredibly valuable”, says Mikael.

On December 1–3, Optronic will once again attend an event in Finland, the Optics & Photonics Days trade fair in Turku (OPD 2021).
“We are really looking forward to OPD 2021. We have a lot of exciting meetings booked, and of course, I hope that these will generate further business in Finland”, Mikael concludes.

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