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Photon Sports has chosen Optronic as a production partner for a groundbreaking technology solution to be launched for the football industry.
“It feels great both with the confidence and to be able to contribute to a world-class product that has been developed and manufactured in the region”, says Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO of Optronic.

Photon Sports, which is part of the Unboxx incubator in Skellefteå, is in the process of launching its technology solution for the football industry – the product measures factors such as speed, response time and explosiveness with the help of sensor technology and 3D cameras. Football has already come a long way as a computer-driven sport and now there is the opportunity to take further steps to be able to find out which form of training proves to give the best results.
3D technology for measuring people in motion places high demands on the entire production chain – everything from the right components to the right assembly. Optronic will assist with the installation of optical components for the Photon Sports camera, as well as for purchasing, calibration and other assembly.
“This is proof of the wide range of uses of optics. Photon Sports is here adding new technology to an industry that has traditionally worked in a certain way for a long time. This opens up possibilities for the end user and it feels gratifying to be involved in producing something groundbreaking”, says Ulrik.

Photon Sports CEO, Jonas Sjöberg, thinks that Optronic feels like an obvious choice as specialists of products that contain optronics, mechanics and software. The goal now is to start production soon.
“Assembling this type of product puts high demands on maintaining a dust-free clean room environment and having the right calibration equipment, and Optronic has that. Parts of the production we have done ourselves in Optronic’s premises but now that we are about to advance from the development phase and are ready to scale up, we feel confident in handing over production to Optronic as a local partner”, says Jonas.

Photon Sports’ initial goal is to become the largest player in the Nordic region this year and eventually take over the market in Europe as early as 2022.
“Optronic has exactly the experience required for industrialisation. Large scale production is the goal but we realise this can take time but are secure in the product”, says Jonas.
This collaboration means Photon Sports can hand over the industrialisation and production part to Optronic, which has extensive experience in the field.
“This type of assignment is tailor-made for us. We are a company that exists to help other production companies develop and mass-produce optical sensors. We contribute to a startup company with a professional infrastructure so it doesn’t need to build its own production unit, we also have the muscle to handle a strong expansion. Photon Sports can then instead concentrate on product development and market development”, says Ulrik.

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