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Optronic and the IT consulting company Data Ductus have developed a rewarding and transparent partnership through years of collaboration.
Now the two companies have taken another step together.
“When we need to adapt and take care of major customer projects, it feels secure to have such a competent software partner here in the Skellefteå area”, says Ulrik Stenbacka, CEO of Optronic.

For some time now, several collaborative projects have been initiated where Data Ductus assists Optronic with staff for design, coding and electronics.
“We are both close to production and as we know each other, we took this step. These are enjoyable assignments that Optronic comes up with, tangible tasks that suit our skills well”, says AnnaCarin Falkman, business area manager for IT and IoT at Data Ductus.

This is Ductus developers working closely with Optronic who are the link between hardware and software. This is a way to strengthen the overall commitment that Optronic offers.
“We also possess a broad in-house expertise but for larger development projects, we have a suitable customer expertise and through close collaboration with subcontractors, we make sure to steer the entire project”, says Ulrik.
“For me, it’s about living as we learn. We look after the customer’s product but see no end in itself to possess competence when it’s not our core business. We believe that partnerships and established relationships are important components that make us natural partners when it comes to mass-produced optronics”, says Ulrik.

One strength that both Optronic and Data Ductus possess is a flexible organisation that really comes into its own in the collaboration.
“We scale up and build teams on an assignment basis when needed and the simplicity in that makes us both quick-footed when we discuss assignments. I think our customers appreciate that approach. It is also rewarding that we can have this openness between us and come up with suggestions for improvement, both in working methods and technology. It is also good for customer value”, says AnnaCarin.
Both Optronic and Data Ductus look with confidence at the rapid development that is taking place in Skellefteå’s trade and industry. Optronics and technology are two strong growth areas.
“We’re optimistic about the future and it feels extra good to connect with a local partner that helps us to use optronics in larger areas of application. Expertise in the Skellefteå area is both cutting-edge and broad and I am sure that it will benefit more trade and industry in the long run”, says Ulrik.
“Generally, it is easy to work with a local partner and just cross the river to do something physical on site. Data Ductus has the same philosophy as Optronic, to be present on the local market and we share catchwords – advisory with a 360-degree perspective”, says AnnaCarin.

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