New possibilities with Nordstjernan ownership

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Optronic was acquired by Dacke Industri in 2019 and then became part of the Nordstjernan investment company. This means having a long-term owner with an industrial focus.
“We have a pronounced strategy to continue growing with high-quality companies in the Nordic industrial and technology sector,” says Ylva Ersvik, investment manager at Nordstjernan.

Dacke Industri, which develops and invests in innovative technology companies, is in turn owned by Nordstjernan, an investment company with an industrial history that stretches back more than 130 years. Nordstjernan invests in the construction, industrial and technology sectors, as well as in health, distribution and trade. The companies it owns have a combined turnover of approximately SEK 100 billion with around 50,000 employees.

“We are company builders, who collaborate with company management on their boards. Our ownership always focuses on the best potential of the companies and the most important activities to reach the next level of value creation”, says Stefan Stern, Head of Communications at Nordstjernan.

Nordstjernan’s long industrial history with a strong belief in responsible business is an area that distinguishes them from other investment companies.

“Most of our dividend goes to the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation, which supports research and development”, says Stefan Stern and continues:

“We also have a very flexible investment mandate where we can, for example, offer close cooperation with founders and families to drive the company’s further development. We explore investment opportunities in five sectors and can take positions in both equities and credits as well as real assets.

Nordstjernan welcomes Dacke Industri’s ambition to grow in the field of electronics.

“We believe a lot in their combined expertise as owners of smaller and technology-intensive companies. Through Dacke Industri, we are creating a context for such companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs to gather and exchange knowledge, while each individual company retains its entrepreneurship, brand and independence,” says Ylva Ersvik.

Optronic operates in an area with a growing interest in the company’s technology.

“Optronic is a company with a high technological height, which has had a positive development under our ownership. We look forward to following them and the next steps in their development”, says Ylva Ersvik.

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