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More and more companies are discovering the benefits of bringing all their products together under one roof. By managing development, industrialisation and series production in the same organisation, you get a worry-free and efficient product supply.

Optronic’s development department finds solutions and creates a seamless transition to series production.

“This aspect of engineering – overcoming challenges – is something that appeals to and challenges our employees,” says Ulla Burman, Project Manager and Site Manager at Optronic in Skellefteå.

Optronic is constantly receiving indications that it is operating in a growth industry – the technological field of optronics is gaining ground as development rapidly advances – while also maintaining a holistic approach to development and manufacturing. The development department plays an important role in this respect, and their services are increasingly in demand.

As a result, Optronic has strengthened its senior key competence in the form of system designers to meet increased customer interest.

“It’s exciting that we find ourselves in a solid phase of development. I think we have a good team of employees who make us more attractive. We feel it’s important to be able to see the big picture in the assignments we undertake and to be able to familiarise ourselves quickly with the customer’s products to help them become even better and even more profitable,” says Ulla.

Operational production responsibility

In addition to her project manager role in the development department, Ulla is also the site manager at Optronic in Skellefteå. Before joining Optronic in 2007, she worked for more than 20 years in telecommunications as a software engineer and project manager.

“What appeals to me most when it comes to development is the problem-solving itself, overcoming obstacles and issues surrounding a product. Working with the team to find solutions to technical challenges in the fields of electronics, optics and mechanics is a driving force. And I think that the overall product knowledge is a real strength within Optronic,” says Ulla.

“More companies are discovering the benefits”

Optronic’s many years of experience in development services, prototyping, industrialisation and series production – all under one roof in Skellefteå – means that it has a unique offering.

“The holistic approach to building a product from scratch with the development department and the importance of good system design and extensive product know-how are things that we know our customers demand. We develop the products for series production, and more and more companies are discovering the benefits of introducing that mindset early on in the process – it cuts costs for the customer and simply makes the product better,” says Ulla.

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