Optronic investing in cleanrooms – expands production line

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Bild på två personer i ljusblå skyddskläder i renrummet på Optronic.

Even cleaner and even better product development. These are the gains since Optronic invested in building a cleanroom with space for 16 employees.

“We have listened to our customers who have requested this type of service. It will ensure their high product quality,” says Nicklas Gustafsson, Production Manager.

Before the holiday period, the cleanroom had been completed and is now ready for production.

“Right now we are there setting up test fixtures to verify the product that we are preparing for series production. It feels great, of course, that we have this type of offer that can further strengthen our customers’ product quality. We have customers who have requested series production in a cleaner environment and now we can handle ISO-class 7 with a good margin. If an even cleaner environment is required, it is also possible,” says Nicklas.

The ISO 7 classification means there are fewer than 10,000 particles per cubic meter in the room; this can be compared to ordinary room air containing about 1,000,000 particles per cubic meter.

“If there are customers who have even higher demands, we can continue to develop the cleanroom’s potential, we try to be as responsive as we can and we are starting at this level,” says Nicklas.

“Extreme cleanliness requirements”

In the middle of the cleanroom are also three sterile benches, so-called laminar flow benches from the Fortuna brand that complies with class 2 environmental requirements.

“The sterile benches are for extreme cleanliness requirements. We have had strong demands on cleanliness in our production even in the past but all improvements are for the better. There are sensitive optics in spectroscopy and the cleaner they are the easier it is to achieve a good quality end product,” says Nicklas.

Optronic, for example, will build a cellular micro cabinet for a customer that contains a lot of sensitive optics; this product will then be installed into laminar flow cabinets.

Several major investments

In the last six months alone, Optronic has made a number of competitive investments. For the circuit board line, the company invested in a new screen printer. At the same time, a total renovation of the soldering furnace was carried out, which was also of great importance, as well as the installation of a new surface assembly machine from Swedish premium manufacturer Mycronic.

“These are all well thought-out, long-term investments in our production. On the one hand we ensure the quality of the products that we build for our customers, but it has also provided an improved working environment for our employees. In this day and age it feels right to invest for the future. We have the muscles to do so and want to take advantage of the great confidence that our customers give us. We have received a massively positive response and the production is running at top speed,” says Nicklas.

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