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A long-term collaboration between Optronic and Mycronic, which is a world-leader in creating production equipment for electronics and display manufacturing, has been a success factor for both companies.

“Optronic wants to be involved in developing and changing. This is something we value in a supplier,” says Fabian Källström, production engineer at Mycronic.

Optronic is responsible for the delivery of industrial camera systems to surface mounting machines within the MY300 family. The cameras are essential in the surface mounting process and are used to accurately locate the position of the circuit board in the machine and to check the electronic components before assembly. All to ensure that the components are mounted on the circuit board with the greatest possible precision and to ensure electronics of the highest quality. It is a machine for surface mounted electronics used by the circuit board industry where the focus is on flexible production and being able to efficiently produce many different circuit boards during a shift.

“These are two central systems in our machine, which is why Optronic is now a very important supplier in our supplier group. We have gained considerable experience together and a great understanding of our common work procedures , which I’m very pleased with. The benefit is that we have a large part documented and stored and clear guidelines for what we expect from each other,” says Fabian.

The detailed documentation and the division of responsibilities are of great benefit to the development efforts, which makes the collaboration both effective and minimizes the risk of things being forgotten.

Daring to make suggestions

In its role as the world’s leading producer of production equipment for electronics, Mycronic has high demands on its suppliers and work processes. Mycronic has provided Optronic with equipment to form part of their share of production.

“Optronic maintains the equipment in a good way and makes suggestions for improvement. Since the equipment is not with us, we do not see the challenges that arise in the work process in the same way. Consequently it feels safe that we enjoy a good dialogue and get constructive feedback that is quality-enhancing,” Fabian says.

“It’s really important that we have a partner who wants to be involved in developing and changing. Some suppliers may be afraid of that, but then any collaboration cannot advance. My experience is that there is much more competence in-house at Optronic than we utilise and that is a reassuring feeling,” says Fabian.

The trust between Optronic and Mycronic is not something that has been built up overnight. Optronic has also been involved in delivering cameras to the previous versions of Mycronic’s surface mounting machines.

“We feel that it has been an advantage to have a supplier on board and that we’ve been able to develop together, that the cameras in this case and the rest of the machine have been in the same loop, so to speak,” Fabian says.

“An exciting and rewarding company”

Swedish Mycronic has a long history in high-tech, dating back more than 40 years. The head office is located in Täby, Stockholm, and today it has a local presence in more than 50 countries with subsidiaries across much of the world. The company is registered on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Stockholm and the success has made more and more people aware of Swedish engineering at the highest level.

“The global expansion is characterized by good collaborations with high ambitions. Our cutting-edge expertise is a world leader so it is a very exciting and rewarding company to work for,” says Fabian.


Photo: Mycronic

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