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The Board of Directors of Optronic has taken the decision to open sales offices in Finland.

“As the Nordic region’s leading service company in the field of products that use optics and electronics, it feels natural to have a presence on the technologically advanced Finnish market,” says Mikael Westergren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic.

The venture includes the recruitment of salesperson Olli-Pekka Porkka, who will be based in Lahti. Olli-Pekka has extensive experience in the Finnish industrial sector and will be focusing on companies that develop and market optoelectronic products.

“It feels fun and exciting to be entering the Finnish market, where so much is happening. We are therefore looking to establish a presence and offer our services, which range from development and industrialisation to series production and on to the next product generation,” says Mikael.

Optronic’s offer to Finnish industry is as comprehensive as that on the Swedish market and includes services for the entire product life cycle – development, ongoing product supply and services to facilitate the transition to the next generation of products.

“There are clear synergies and with a salesperson who is familiar with Finnish business culture, it will be easier for us to understand how best to market and deliver our services. There are so many topical areas where optoelectronics are used, for example medtech and life science, which leads us to believe that there are numerous companies that would be of interest to us, and vice versa,” says Mikael.

Interesting start-ups

Olli-Pekka Porkka will focus primarily on technology companies in the Oulu and Helsinki regions, where there is a high level of technical expertise and innovation.

“Since the closure of Nokia’s mobile manufacturing operations in Oulu, we have seen the emergence of countless interesting start-ups in the field of electronics. When it comes to combining optics with electronics, Optronic possesses industry-leading expertise that should be of interest to the Finnish start-up market, where there is demand for a partner that can help with the entire development and manufacturing chain. As a system vendor, Optronic can solve the problem and deliver a complete package, taking responsibility in much the same way as it has done over the years in Sweden,” says Olli-Pekka.

He believes that the electronics industry in Finland is now setting something of a benchmark. Since there is neither “a Volvo nor a Scania” in Finland, other industrial segments have developed and evolved.

“Nokia’s decision to discontinue production hit Oulu hard, but nowadays when I visit the region, it is clear to see that a new generation of electronics companies has blossomed. Finland has plenty of commercial potential and is generally considered to be in a good position, although it too is now facing the spectre of the coronavirus crisis, just as other parts of the world are,” says Olli-Pekka.

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