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ScandiNova’s technology has successfully driven the development of cancer treatment thanks to the company’s pulse modulators. At the beginning of 2019, Optronic and ScandiNova signed a production agreement and the collaboration has since intensified.

“We put a lot of focus on quality and on-time delivery. It is also something that Optronic prioritizes highly in its business and it contributes to our common business value. They are also involved at an early stage in our development work,” says ScandiNova’s supply chain manager Camilla Stoor.

ScandiNova has customers all over the world and 95 percent are exported. In 2018, a sales office was established in Japan where ScandiNova had success with a number of breakthrough deals to customers in both research and medtech.

Already in 2017 Optronic started to supply circuit boards and in early 2019 a production agreement was signed.

Optronic originally delivered printed circuit boards mainly to project orders in research and industry. Now that there is a production agreement, it means a completely different approach.

“It always takes a while before you get to know each other as business partners, but I feel that we are now confident in our cooperation and have identified the necessary processes and contact areas together.

Optronic became involved early on in a very important and prioritised customer project with us that was also under time pressure. Our choice of Optronic was based on their high focus on quality and it was a very successful collaboration,” says Camilla Stoor.

Today, forums have been created where Optronic together with research and development can see what can be optimised for both parties. They are trying to find cost-effective solutions for those printed circuit boards that have passed the development stage and are entering volume production.

“That kind of work is what I define as successful partnerships,” says Camilla Stoor.

The fact that Optronic has been involved in projects at an early stage has helped to achieve the common goals.

“We focus very much on the future growth that ScandiNova is facing and the strategies that are needed to succeed together with all key suppliers. In Optronic, we have found a partner who prioritises the parts that are necessary in order to grow together,” says Camilla Stoor.

ScandiNova is in a positive growth trend – the Uppsala company is growing both in new markets and in the number of employees. There will also be a long-awaited move to state-of-the-art and newly built premises of a total of 4000 square meters where production and offices will be housed. Demand for ScandiNova’s pulse modulator has increased and it is as a powerhouse in radiotherapy against cancer that it is most widely used.

As a result, radiation equipment has become more reliable and cancer treatment more effective.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of radiotherapy and reach more parts of the world. These are technologies that save lives and which we are also a global leader in,” says Camilla Stoor.

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