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Optronic, together with its long-standing close customer and partner Perten Instruments, has developed a new, more cost-effective version of Perten’s market-leading product DA 7250, a high-tech measuring instrument that analyses the composition of cereals and other organic products. In just a few seconds, it shows the content of, for example, protein, minerals and water.

The technique used is called NIR, Near InfraRed spectroscopy, and involves illuminating the material with light and then analysing the composition by measuring how much of different wavelengths are absorbed by the sample.

In the project, both the production time and the cost of detailed parts have been significantly squeezed, while fully maintaining the performance of the product. The project was a great success, and has resulted in a 20% reduction in the number of components, a 30% reduction in production time, a reduced weight of approximately 30% and First Pass Yield (instruments that passed the final test on the first attempt) increased by 21 percent.

Optronic’s Nicklas Gustafsson, Production Manager/Final Assembly, led the project together with Jakob Jansson, Senior Development Engineer at Perten, who designed the DA 7250, based on “how do we make this product better to produce”.

“That’s how we work,” says Nicklas Gustafsson. We are a partner more than a supplier, and always do our best to improve our customers’ competitiveness.

Many employees at Optronic have been involved in the improvements: from the purchasing department to technicians and, not least, the fitters.

“We always collaborate right down to the line. A project like this requires feedback from those who assemble the product daily,” says Nicklas Gustafsson.

Jakob Jansson says that Perten continues its cooperation with Optronic for the production and improvement of existing products and also the development of new ones. He is very pleased with the outcome of the project.

“Our product DA 7250 has been a huge success right from the start, and to succeed in improving its production as much as we have done here is a very successful result!” says Jakob Jansson.


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