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For Micronic Mydata, a leading supplier of production solutions for the electronics industry, Optronic’s diverse services has been a key to their long-standing relationship.

”Adding to that, the fact that their competence ranges from early stages of development, all the way to series production and aftermarket is the main reason that they have been one of our major suppliers for many years,” says Mikael Westergren, who works in strategic sourcing at Micronic Mydata.

Micronic Mydata has two business areas: pattern generators and LDI and surface mount technology equipment. Operating in a highly competitive business, a strong focus on innovation is essential. One third of the company’s nearly 600 employees are working within research and development, and the same high demands they place on themselves are placed on the company’s list of suppliers.
”By allowing our suppliers to handle parts of our production, we can further sharpen our competitive edge,” explains Westergren. ”But that places the onus on our suppliers to retain 100 % of the quality and traceability, testing and cleanliness that we demand.

”And our demands are high.”

For a long time, Optronic has been involved in all phases of development, but have also handled the manufacturing of optical parts in products from Micronic Mydata. ”They have been with us for a long time. We have come to know each other well and constantly keep an open discussion about which parts of our relationship needs fine-tuning.”

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