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Perten Instruments, a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the agricultural industries, chose Optronic to assemble their new DA 7250 analyzer, and thus expanding the partnership between the two companies.

The DA 7250 is the third generation diode array NIR (Near Infrared) instrument from Perten Instruments, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. With its precalibrated settings in a wide range of applications, it can determine moisture, protein, fat and many other parameters in all types of samples in a matter of seconds, without sample preparation.

– It’s a very usable product. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. It’s IP65 certified, meaning it’s water and dust proof which makes it suitable for use atline or in the lab, says Christer Bergman, Logistic and Quality Manager at Perten Instruments.

Optronic has been a strategic supplier and co-operating partner to Perten Instruments since 2009, delivereing instruments based on a spectroscopic measurement method.

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