”Optronic is our most innovative and
important partner”

When Fotonic launched their first line of robust 3D time-of-flight cameras for industrial use four years ago, Optronic developed and manufactured the units. Since then, the successful and close collaboration has continued.

”Optronic’s combination of a high competence in building optoelectronic systems and their expertise in time-of-flight technology made them a perfect fit for us," says Evelina Eriksson, product manager at Fotonic.

Optronic invested in developing their expertise in time-of-flight technology at an early stage. Today, the company is established as one of the market leaders in the field of 3D for industrial use.

”For us, their commitment to be creative and reliable partner for development of time-of-flight products is a key,” says Eriksson.

Fotonic takes a great pride in offering robust and reliable cameras. The company’s 3D smart cameras are also acknowledged for the lack of motion artifacts and good functionality even in poor lighting conditions.

”Developing a camera meeting our demands is a difficult task that Optronic has handled in an impressive manner,” explains Eriksson

Another important and related area is 3D image processing. For customers looking to build a solution based on Fotonic TOF cameras, they need either to develop an application specific software our use a third party for the development. Optronic has in-house resources with expertise within 3D image processing that can help the customer to develop solutions for specific applications.

”We’re thrilled that Optronic has strengthened their competence in image processing so thoroughly in recent years,” says Eriksson. “Being able to recommend a image processing partner to our customers is a huge advantage.”

While industrial applications built on 3D time-of-flight cameras are still in an early-adopter phase, Fotonic has seen demand rise quickly over the course of the last few years.

”There’s no doubt in our mind that many industries need time-of-flight cameras to improve their applications,” states Eriksson. ”But considering that the market is still maturing, we still need to inform the market about the possibilities with the technology.”

In a field that is developing quickly, access to the latest technology is usually what triggers development in the marketplace.

”We need a partner with a strong network of suppliers, so that equipping our products with top-of-the-line components is never an issue,” she says. ”That allows us to focus on our core business.

”And with our strong partnership with Optronic, we never hesitate to refer customers to them, if our standard hardware solutions need some tweaking to work for a specific application.”