Optronic’s diversity
suited our needs

Two and a half years ago, Stockholm-based Speed Identity launched the third generation of its Speed Capture system: An all-in-one solution for capturing biographic and biometric
data - photo, fingerprints and signature - in an all-digital workflow. Optronic has been involved in the development of the system hardware, and has handled production of the
units after a long-term deal with Speed Identity was agreed in late 2010.

"They offered what best suited our needs," says Magnus Löfgren, managing director at Speed Identity. "The combination of development and manufacturing was key to us.
"In production, they have dealt with a lot of special cases where components of our products have to be integrated into differentsettings depending on the needs of our clients, which are based all around the world. Handling that was no easy task and has entailed a lot of work with adapting the product to unique customer specifications, within very short time frames."

One key factor be hind the deal with Optronic was how they matched Speed Identity's commercial, financial and technical needs. Another was the company's extensive experience.

Speed Identity is a leader in biometrics enrolment for high-security ID and travel documents, such as Visas and passports. Clients include the Swedish Migration Board and
document issuing bodies in the Baltic rim as well as western and central Europe.

The system ensures a higher level of quality and accuracy and the supplied biometric data complies with industry standards and regulations, including ICAO-compliance (International Civil Aviation Organisation) for photos and fingerprints.

"One of the key benefits is that it is an integrated system with low support and maintenance costs," says Löfgren. "That gives the product a very low total ownership cost, compared to
non-integrated systems."