Optronic study used to
market silva’s headlamps

The old saying “seeing is believing” is not enough for Silva who hired Optronic to measure light properties of their new product line of headlamps for outdoor sports. The study validated Silva’s requirements and intentions for four new types of headlamps, and they are now using the results from the tests as a way of marketing their products.

“The results came back as positive as we had hoped, and confirmed the targets we had set in the development of the product,” says technical product manager Mattias Jacobsson at Silva.

It being an independent study was important for Silva, who is the leading manufacturer of products for outdoor sports in Scandinavia. In the launch of their new product line of headlamps for orienteering, mountaineering and other outdoor activities, the results from the study are used in their product marketing..

“Through the Optronic  study, we have gained access to independent data that places our products in the top-of-the-line segment,” explains Jacobsson. “The fact that it  was carried out  in an external lab by a reliable partner gives credence to the numbers.”

Headlamps are not the only types of products for which Optronic has performed measurements of light properties.  In recent years, Optronic has measured light properties for such diverse products as lights in bathtubs and ones  used to guide aircraft on the ground.

“We can measure light properties for just about any type of product,” says Ulrik Lövgren, sales manager at Optronic. “Often, clients request such studies to help solve two problems. The first is in the developmental phase where the results are used to guarantee quality and the other can be just what Silva is doing; getting independent results to use in marketing.”