Optronic seals deal with
Market leader in quality control

Did you think that agriculture today was only hay, tractors and farm animals? Think again. It’s a highly competitive industry placing high demands on use of modern technology. That is why Perten Instruments, specialised in quality control of grain, flour, food and feed chose to partner with Optronic for the manufacturing of high-tech measuring instruments.

– A top priority for us is being able to focus on our core business, which is developing and selling market leading products in our niche. That’s why it was important for us to co-operate with an active and competitive supplier in advanced optical systems, says Sven Holmlund, CEO Perten Instruments.

The instruments delivered by Optronic will be based on a spectroscopic measurement method. One of the products will allow continuous real-time quality control via an online connection to a local area network, something cereal grain producers, traders and processors have requested for a long time.

– This further enhances our position in the manufacturing of instruments for measurements with high precision. This is a long-term deal and we are happy that Perten chose us, as they have been leading the way in quality control of grain, flour, food and feed for decades, says Rickard Åström, CEO Optronic.

Perten Instruments was founded in 1962 and operate in over 200 countries. Their head office is located in Stockholm.