ProjectCompanion Gives Optronic a Better Overview

Article posted 22 Dec 2015

ProjectCompanion helps Optronic to get a better overview of its projects. “It is a great advantage that we, through ProjectCompanion, can gather everything in one tool”, says Dan Stenberg, head of IT and development at Optronic.

Optronic has previously worked with other business systems. “At the time, we had project economics in one system and planning in another. When we switched to ProjectCompanion, the work immediately became much more flexible as we were able to coordinate more, and with a better overview. The integration with Monitor, which we also use, works really well with ProjectCompanion”, says Stenberg.

The adjustments that ProjectCompanion has custom-made for Optronic have been very valuable. “We had to integrate Monitor, but also our invoicing and payroll systems. Just like Optronic, ProjectCompanion is very focused on development. We are grateful that they show a constant interest in improving the tool to cater for the requirements of individual customers, as well as to benefit all users of the platform”, Stenberg adds.

To Optronic, the coordinating effects are the main gain with ProjectCompanion. “We get a much better insight into all our projects. All our employees can access the tool, no matter where they are. Our CEO, our project leaders and their teams can in real time follow the project and look closer at various details”, Stenberg concludes.