Optronic – A Driving Force in the Development of the Region

Article posted 13 Oct 2015

As a leading provider of optical sensors and optoelectronics, Optronic is certainly a driving force behind the development in the Skellefteå region in northern Sweden. “It's difficult not to be impressed by Optronic’s advanced technological knowledge – one they are constantly developing”, says Bengt Ivansson, head of the industry section at Skellefteå municipality.

With a tradition to be proud of, Optronic began operating in Skellefteå in 1974.
“In the entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized Skellefteå throughout the years, Optronic has really made its mark. By founding Optronic, the Lövgren brothers, not least Pähr Lövgren, has been prominent in this respect”, Bengt Ivansson adds.

Optronic’s creative solutions to different challenges for their clients are, according to Ivansson, one of the company’s greatest strengths. Ivansson continues:
“Due to the fact that Optronic has not been contented with being just a manufacturing unit, it has become firmly established in the market. Optronic goes further in the value chains and can, thanks to its involvement in various customers' development projects, help to strengthen their customers' businesses. Not just going along with developments, Optronic takes a leading part in them.”

Ivansson also emphasises how Optronic has lifted its leadership through rejuvenation and renewal, which is another contributing factor to the development.
“Optronic has encouraged young, talented leaders. Meanwhile, older members of the management group have stood aside and from there contributed with valuable experience. This is a sign of strong leadership in a company that wants to move forward”, explains Ivansson.

In Skellefteå, Optronic creates energy and contributes with cutting-edge expertise within the local industry. Optronic also offers employment opportunities – not least indirectly, through subcontractors.
“Optronic is an industrial company, while at the same time being very modern and hi-tech, at the forefront of its field,” says Ivansson and concludes:
“In Skellefteå we have a tagline, "Make room for ideas" and Optronic is a very good example of how to be both innovative and successful.”