Smart algorithm highlight at SSBA 2015

Article posted 02 Apr 2015

The annual Swedish symposium on Image Analsysis, SSBA, was held at Ystad Saltsjöbad, March 17-18. Holding on to tradition, Optronic was a gold sponsor at the international event and sent a delegation to gather the latest from the world of image analysis.

One member of Optronic’s team at the event was new recruit Morgan Bengtsson, a former Software Developer at SAAB in Linköping. Bengtsson has joined the Optronic team as a Product Developer and found their visit at the symposium very rewarding:

”For us, SSBA offers an ideal opportunity to keep up to date with current news regarding research and product development, as well as meeting interesting people”, Morgan says.

The three day program consists of everything from talks on computer vision, tracking and medical image analysis to a whole day dedicated to the work of PhD students. It was one talk in the latter category that Morgan found particularly interesting.

”This PhD student had developed an algorithm for tracking moving objects in real time from video images”, Bengtsson says, adding that similar algorithms are already in use.

”What makes this one special is that it provides better and more reliable results than earlier methods. I believe that it’s something that could prove to be very useful in our future products.”

SSBA, the Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, is a nonprofit organization for scientists, companies and interested persons engaged in computerized image analysis, image processing, image coding, computer vision, pattern recognition and related fields.