Keeping up with evolution

Article posted 10 Apr 2014

The Swedish society for automated image analysis, SSBA, held it’s annual meeting at the Luleå University of Technology March 11th. Optronic participated to share knowledge and get new inspiration and input to further their work in the field.

”Visiting SSBA gives us new ideas on applications and areas where our expertise can be used, as well as input from the frontier of research on new methods to strengthen our toolbox,” says Per Holm, senior vision algorithm developer at Optronic.

SSBA, founded in 1976, is the Swedish organisation for professionals in image analysis, machine vision, pattern recognition and related fields. The organisation has virtually every Swedish professional within the field as a member and many also gather at the conferences held by the organisation.

“The mixture of participants from both industry and academy gives a good sample of what is happening in the field of machine vision, and nowadays that is a lot,” says Holm. “The quick evolution of calculation power in small portable chips constantly enables machine vision to be used in new ways that was not possible before.”

A good example is the Microsoft Kinect sensor, which has opened the door to video rate 3D depth imaging for a broad mass market. That is an evolution that has fuelled research on algorithms making use of this kind of data.  

“We’re constantly monitoring the latest research and taking it in in order to be updated with the latest methods,” explains Holm. “It’s a standard that we set ourselves to as a company and a passion as well. It’s an exciting time to be working in this field.”

Optronic also took the opportunity to demonstrate new 3D algorithm library functions together with Fotonic E40 and P70 cameras and applied software.

“We had some great feedback on our demonstration and it’s always rewarding to get accolades from other professionals working in the same field as we do,” says Holm.