Optronic on location with world’s foremost researchers

Article posted 26 Sep 2014

Optronic was one of the exhibitors when ICPR, the International Conference of Pattern Recognition, was held in Stockholm this August. Although this was the 22:nd ICPR conference, it was the first time ever that Sweden hosted the event.
”The international research- and development community within the field of pattern recognition and machine vision is very strong”, says Per Holm, senior vision algorithm developer at Optronic. ”Obviously one feels proud to have colleagues from all over the world visiting us.”

For Optronic, attending seminars and taking part in discussions of recent technological advances was an important part of the participation.
”The time it takes for research to reach the market as an actual product is very short in this field,” Holm explains. “The speed in which things develop is tremendous, and a conference like this is important to attend, as the results often are presented here first.

“Especially the progress in the field of 3D imaging is very exciting. The seminars gave us plenty of practical and useful information.”

Optronic also made full use of the opportunity to put the brand on display and connect to interesting people.
”Our participation in the exhibition gave some potential leads on both our domestic market and abroad,” he says. “We also had the pleasure of connecting with some very interesting researchers. I am truly excited to see where we’ll will end up with that”, Holm says.

The international forum for discussions on recent advances in pattern recognition and machine vision gathered more than 1 000 participants and cutting edge researchers from 40 countries, making ICPR the world’s largest conference for pattern recognition.

The conference was organised by the Swedish Society for Image Analysis, SSBA. Visit them at www.ssba.org.se