Optronic and Fotonic opens joint sales office in Germany

Article posted 22 May 2013

Optronic, one of Sweden's leading suppliers in the development and manufacturing of optical sensors, is increasing its presence on the Central European market together with Fotonic, a company selling 3D smart cameras. The background is a growing interest in distance measuring sensors based on laser technology. The development of 3D cameras based on time-of-flight technology is something the companies have invested in for a long time.
“We see a great potential in the technology and were early to build expertise within development and manufacturing of this type of sensor”, says Joacim Lindström, MD of Optronic.

Optronic and Fotonic has opened the sales office in Munich, Germany. This is where the two companies will work with both existing and new customers.
“We have seen many customers take the step out onto the international market, and now we are embarking on the same journey. We are seeing an increased interest in time-of-flight, and feel that we have a strong product,” says Lindström.

Asim Muhammad, most recently from a management position at Panasonic, is the first to start working in the German office. Muhammad has extensive experience from business development of 3D sensors. “Today, there are great opportunities in this area and it was this challenge that attracted me”, explains Muhammad. “With Optronic’s experience in developing and manufacturing 3D sensors and Fotonic’s strong product focus, we can offer something really great. It will be easy for our customers to buy and start using the technology and then moving on to strengthen their competitive edge with customized solutions”, Muhammad adds.

Time-of-flight is a generic term for the technology of measuring the time it takes for a particle or wave to travel through a medium. By knowing the time it takes for light to travel back and forth to an object, the distance can be measured.