Computers are stupid

Article posted 27 Sep 2013

Per Holm is Optronic’s new senior vision algorithm development engineer, and will spearhead the company’s efforts in 3D imaging.
”Computers are completely stupid, we need to build robust algorithms that increase their artificial intelligence”, he says. ”The human eye is so vastly superior to all machine vision solutions, because we can look at our surroundings and interpret them.

”Computers can do nothing more than just see an image pixel by pixel.”

For Holm, his job is to create algorithms that better can handle the complexities of our surroundings. Paired with Optronic’s expertise in time-of-flight-technology and powerful sensor, algorithms aimed at creating a much better user experience is an important part of the company’s strategy:
“We want to make it 3D imaging based on time-of-flight accessible for customers in the industrial segment,” says Peter Fredriksson, managing director of Optronic. “To achieve that, we need people like Per on our team.”

Holm has worked for a multi-national machine vision company for eight years, after obtaining a master’s degree in applied physics and electrical engineering. The opportunity to assume a larger responsibility in the development of Optronic’s offer was appealing, he says:

“I really look forward to working closer to our customers. It’s an opportunity for me to work towards creating solutions that are tailored for their needs.”