Optronic delivered on time and within budget

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Any company or organization can speak of the significance of delivering on time and within budget. If these basic standards are not met, a project is effectively blocked.

The development of products for real-time gas analytics at Siemens Laser Analytics is no different in that respect. The finished product has established the company’s position as one of the world’s leading real-time gas analytics companies, and Optronic has played a key part in the development of the optical transmitter and receiver of the gas analysers.

“Our collaboration with Optronic was certainly successful, “ says Anneli Hansson, Research and Development Manager at Siemens Laser Analytics. “With their knowledge of optronics they took a central role in the development, influencing product specifications and requirements, without ever deviating from the set time limit and budget.”

The gas analysers are mainly used in the process industry, where the demands for energy efficiency and environmental compliance are high. In the product that Optronic helped develop, the gas analysers measure oxygen levels using laser spectroscopy.

“With their expertise in optic and electronic parts, Optronic played a valuable role in achieving the high level of accuracy we require,” says Hansson. “What seems possible in one aspect is not possible in another. This was a complex equation which they helped to solve.”

The product is now launched and development of the next generation of gas analysers is in progress. New possibilities include the ability to measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other types of pollutant gases. Optronic will participate in the development and manufacturing of the products, working with Siemens AG in Germany and France.

“We have had procurement situations where we have chosen to stay with Optronic,” explains Hansson. “Their score in the Siemens internal quality system is high.”


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